About us

Our Mission:
The principle goal of Auromira Exports is to improving the lives of the less privileged rural youth of the surrounding Villages of Pondicherry by helping them to create beautiful, simple and useful handicrafts in order to become self reliant artisans fully integrated in their communities.

Our Aims:
To promote handweaving, readymade garments, and the related crafts ( hand-dyeing, hand embellishment of textiles, needle work etc.) to create simple and beautiful textiles of a high quality as a sustainable approach to generate self-employment in our rural villages. To train unskilled youth belonging to the most backward, rural communities and establish them as independent producers in any of the weaving related areas, supporting them through our project with marketing and design input.

To promote Fair Trade in India we stand for the fair price to the artisans, no child labor or women exploitation, individual development and community improvement schemes, environmentally friendly production methods and respect for the local culture and traditions of the artisans.

Our Artisans:
There are more than 45 artisans, mostly women, from the surrounding villages working in our project .

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